Hades Author : Candice Fox
Country : Australia

Hades won the 2014 Ned Kelly Award to Best Debut Crime Novel.

Set in contemporary Sydney, Frank Bennet is a police officer who is sent to a different homicide department. Eden Archer is his new partner and her brother, Eric, also works in the section. Eden and Frank have to find a serial killer while they get to know and trust each other in spite of the secrets they try to hide.

The first pages introduce another of the main characters in this trilogy: a man called Hades, whose name refers to the Greek god of the dead and lord of the underworld. Hades lives and works in a recycling plant and he creates huge sculptures out of discarded metals and pieces of glass. Furthermore, he also disposes the human corpses that other clients, some of them regular, bring him. Hades has a clear sense of justice and he does not approve of the killing of innocent people, but he does not mind respectfully discarding the bodies of drug dealers, rapists or serial killers, for example. In the first pages of the novel, he is brought the bodies of two children, who happen to be alive.

While reading the novel, the reader wonders about their own ethical limits as the plots include a serial assassin who offers his services to people with health issues, thus, the topic of the black market of organ transplants, as well as likeable assassins whose victims are assassins.

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