Knots and Crosses

Knots and Crosses Author : Ian Rankin
Country : Scotland

Set in Edinburgh, Scotland, Knots and Crosses is Ian Rankin’s first Inspector John Rebus novel.

Bodley Head Ltd 1987. The first of Ian Rankin’s Inspector John Rebus novels is concerned with the murder and abduction of young girls. Set in Edinburgh, Rankin claims he had initially intended to write a modern day version of Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde [which is set in London], and hadn’t realised that he was actually writing a crime novel. Part of the plot threads around the implication that Rebus himself might be the murderer – the good Dr. Jekyll/detective vs. the murderer/Mr Hyde. This theme of dual or opaque identity continues later in the series as Rebus becomes increasingly involved with local crime boss Big Ger Cafferty. Another of Rankin’s interests – religion – is suggested by the novel’s title which is not only a reference to the game of noughts and crosses, but to Christianity as the Orion paperback edition of the novel shows on the front cover.

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