Rock Paper Tiger Author : Lisa Brackmann
Country : China

Ellie (Yili) Cooper – McEnroe in later installments – is an accidental Iraq War vet adrift in Beijing. Estranged from her husband, also an Iraq War vet, and living off her pension, which she complements with waitressing jobs, Ellie finds herself amidst a conspiracy involving an Uighur dissident, an organization operating within an online game and Chinese and American economic and political interests. Ellie’s military past in Iraq as a medical aid for the army and her current life on the fringes of the contemporary Chinese art scene allow Brackmann to put both American and Chinese societies and their institutions under the microscope to reveal their deficiencies.

COUNTRIES: China and Iraq.

SOCIAL ISSUES: urban degradation, pollution, poverty, migration, repression, abuse of power, torture, neo-imperialism.

CRIMES: against individuals (kidnapping, torture), against communities (political and military oppression), terrorism.

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