The Laughterhouse

The Laughterhouse Author : Paul Cleave
Country : New Zealand

Set in Christchurch, New Zealand. spree killer, revenge, child abuse, madness, family abuse, the darker side of Christchurch society.

The Laughterhouse (Atria Books 2012). Theodore Tate is back where he dealt with his first murder: the rape and cruel death of a very young girl. Fifteen years later , Tate, now temporarily reinstated to the police force, is at the same scene with possibly a similar crime on his hands. The “laughterhouse” is anything but that. Some wit has deleted the S of Slaughterhouse. It has always been a place of blood, carnage and inhumanity, but now becomes one for a father and his three young children held captive by Caleb Cole, father of the child who was murdered there fifteen years ago. Caleb has his own agenda of revenge concerning those who were involved in some way in his daughter’s death. Christchurch has been struck again. This time not by a serial killer but a spree killer, a man who has to kill as many as he can on his list in the short time he has. The Laughterhouse is a fast moving psychological thriller as Caleb outwits the police time and again. None of the men on the case can imagine how he is intending to end his spate of killings, not even the fast thinking Theodore Tate.

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