Adrian Hyland

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Adrian Hyland was born in Melbourne, Victoria, on 23 August 1954. After graduating from Melbourne University in literature, classics and Chinese language, Hyland lived for many years in outback communities of Australia, which forms the backdrop to his writing, but has now returned to Victoria with his wife. Hyland’s two crime novels feature young indigenous woman Emily Tempest, the daughter of an Aboriginal mother and white father who has studied at Melbourne University. In the first novel, Diamond Dove, she is an amateur detective, but by the second, Gunshot Road, she is employed as an Aboriginal community police officer. As a white man, Hyland operates in a controversial literary area by writing novels which are strongly imbued with a sense of Aboriginal Culture and Country. Hyland uses invented tribal and place names in his fiction, but locates it firmly north of Alice Springs, and the Aboriginal words and terms he employs all go back to local communities.