Candice Fox

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Born in Sydney, Candice Fox was raised in an eclectic family. She has three biological and two adopted brothers and sisters. Her father worked as a parole officer for 25 years and explained some of the stories of the people he supervised. Her mother was an eager foster carer and the family received more than 155 children, some of whom stayed just two or three days while others remained with them for years. The chaos at home enhanced Fox´s desire to write. At 18 Candice Fox enlisted in the Navy and at 20 she started university, where she studied two degrees and two postgraduate courses while she was a teacher in a high school. She is now a teacher of Creative Writing at Notre Dame University (Sydney) and is doing her PhD thesis on literary censorship and terrorism. She won the 2014 Ned Kelly Award to Best Debut Crime Novel for Hades and the 2015 Ned Kelly Award to Best Crime Novel for Eden.