Deon Meyer

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Deon Meyer was born in Paarl, near Cape Town, in Western Cape, in 1958. Writing in Afrikaans, his novels have been translated into 27 languages and are among the best selling crime novels in the world. His first novel, Feniks (1996), was published in English in 1999 as Dead Before Dying. A number of characters reappear in his novels, particularly Benny Griessel, an Afrikaaner policeman in the South African Police Service. On his blog, Meyer declares that “I am extremely positive about South Africa. Despite huge challenges, such as poverty, aids, and crime, we’ve come a long way since 1994” (, and this is, to a large extent what he tries to show in his novels. Despite the discrimination, inequality, poverty and violence of contemporary South Africa, Meyer is determined to show that it will have a bright future, despite the dreadful legacy of the apartheid years. Indeed, the plots of several of his novels show how the past has a habit of catching up with the present but that, nevertheless, redemption and reconciliation are possible.