Paul Thomas

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New Zealand author Paul Thomas wrote several crime novels and short stories between 1994-2003, and also won the very first Ned Kelly Award for his second crime novel INSIDE DOPE. Thomas was born in Harrogate, Yorkshire in 1951. Moving to New Zealand as a youth, he studied at the University of Auckland, before embarking on a variety of jobs in the communications field. He worked as a public relations executive, consultant, journalist and editor before turning to writing full-time. When he did so, Thomas quickly established a reputation as quite a prolific writer – churning out newspaper articles, novels, short stories, and non-fiction work, particularly cricket and rugby-related sports biographies, at a steady pace over the years.After writing three sports biographies (in conjunction with top rugby and cricket players and coaches), his first crime novel was released in 1994, OLD SCHOOL TIE (later released in Australia as DIRTY LAUNDRY).